Frequently asked questions

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1. What happens when a product is ordered, but it's out of stock?

If the item has been out of stock for more than two business days, we will notify you by email. If you don't wish to wait for the out of stock item, you can change the order in your dashboard under Orders > Change order.

You're responsible for notifying your customer about any out of stock products.

2. How do I add products?

First, all products you wish to fulfill by ImageKiwi should be added to your storefront (Shopify, or any other e-commerce platform we support). All items available in your store will then be imported to ImageKiwi, where you can link them to actual ImageKiwi products (including their different color and size variants). Each product/variant will populate in Stores under Sync menu and from there you will sync each product you want ImageKiwi to fulfill.

3. How are mugs made?

Mug artwork is inkjet printed, using special dye-sublimation inks and transfer paper. After printing, the transfer paper is wrapped around the mug. The image on the transfer paper is mirrored. Heat and pressure are applied to transfer the image. Printed dye is mixed with the coating. The image then becomes part of the mug.

4. How are your products packaged for shipment?

Because of the variety of products we fulfill, we package each item based on dimension requirements to ensure protection during shipment. Generally, posters are shipped in kraft tube boxes with plastic end caps. Frames and canvases are usually shipped in corrugated boxes, ranging in dimensions of 26x20x18 to 28x5.5x38.

5. How do you package frames?

Frames are first wrapped in tissue paper to protect them from scratches and are then wrapped in a layer of adhesive bubble wrap. Finally, they are wrapped in a thicker, more durable bubble wrap that will add extra protection during shipment.

6. Can my shop have products that are not fulfilled by ImageKiwi?

Yes, of course! Both classes of products can coexist in one shop. If you offer both classes of products on your store (regardless of e-commerce platform), ImageKiwi will only fulfill the products that are synced with ImageKiwi. After the product has been shipped, ImageKiwi only updates the shipping status and provides the tracking number (for those platforms which allow it) for the items that were fulfilled by ImageKiwi.